Software Capacity

ComoSys is being utilized as a primary calculation & modeling software for steel and reinforced concrete designs along with other softwares like Tekla X-Steel, SAP 2000, Sta4CAD, Babalıoglu, Safe, AllPlan in PROKON. For piping services Casear and CadWorkx/Pipe, GasWorks, for infrastructure services, Autodesk Civil3D, Netcad or according to the nature of the job, Inroads, Storm & Sanitary, Survey Select or Geomedia from Select Cad Softwares are being utilized. Tekla X-Steel, Autocad and Probina are the softwares heavily utilized for drawing services.


The Enterprise version of Microsoft Office is being utilized as the most widespread and useful software for word processor, electronic tabling, data base and presentation works. Microsoft Office Document Scanning, Abbyy Fine Reader, Recognita Plus and OmniPage Lite are utilized as Optical Character Reader (OCR) software to transfer data from printed material to word processor. In order to monitor the production and productivity and to maintain the quality assurance, management of disciplines and projects is based on Prisma, a limited version of ERP software, and also monitoring and control structure is supported with Microsoft Project.


Microsoft Visual Studio, Borland C, Autolisp software is utilized to prepare required but not ready-made software for special purposes.

For accounting and financial works to be carried out Logo Tiger Package Software, for Photo-Graphic Process Autodesk 3D Studio Max, Adobe Photoshop, as Anti-Virus software Nod32 Enterprise Version and Orf software is being utilized.


All software functions work on stations using Microsoft Windows 7 Businnes Edition based operating system and all stations are connected to each other by an internal web (intranet) using many servers with Windows Server 2008 R2, Redhat-Ubuntu Linux and FreeBSD operating systems.


Production Softwares*
No Software Explanation
1 VmWare ESXi Server Virtualization Operating Software
2 Microsoft Server 2008 R2 Server Operating System
3 Redhat Linux Server Operating System
4 FreeBSD Operating System
5 Endian Firewall Security System Supplying and Control Server
6 PfSense Firewall Security System Supplying and Control Server
7 Zimbra Community Edition E-mail Server
8 Microsoft Share Point Portal Server Internet based Folder Share Server
9 Microsoft Windows 7 Workstation Operating System
10 Zenoss System Management Server
11 FileZilla FTP Server File Transfer & Storage Server
12 Kiwi Syslog Server System Logs collecting & storage server
13 MS Office 2011 Office Automation Pack (Word Processor, Spreadsheet, Electronic Presentation, Database)
14 MS Project 2011 Project Management
15 MS Visual Studio Enterprise Edition Software Developer
16 MS Visual Interdev Prof. Edit. Software Developer
17 MS Visual Basic Software Developer
18 ComoSys 3D Statical Calculation and Modeling Software
19 Autocad Computer Added Design (CAD)
20 Intergraph Microstation Computer Added Design (CAD)
21 Autocad LT Computer Added Design (CAD)
22 Autodesk 3D Studio Max 3D Computer Added Design , Visualization & Animation
23 Autodesk 3D Studio Max Designer 3D Computer Added Design & Visualization
24 Autocad Revit - Architecture Suite 3D Architectural Design Software
25 Autocad Civil 3D 3D Civil Engineering Desing and Analysis
26 Tekla X-Steel 3D Steel Structure Design Software
27 AllPlan FT 3D Reinforced Concrete Design Software
28 AP-Design 3D Architectural Design Software
29 Probina Orion 3D Reinforced Concrete Design & Calculation Software
30 Ahmet Babalıoğlu Yazılımı Statical Calculation Software
31 Netcad 3D Geographical Information System Software
32 Geomedia 3D Geographical Information System Software
33 InRoads Select CAD 3D Road Design Software
34 Storm & Sanitary Select CAD 3D Storm & Sanitary Design Software
35 Survey Select CAD 3D Surveying Software
36 Mathcad General Calculation & Publishing Software
37 Matematikçi 2000 General Calculation & Publishing Software
38 SAP2000 Statical Calculation Software
39 SAFE 3D Graphical Supported Statical Calculation
40 Gala Reinforcement Structural Desing Analysis
41 Plaxis Geotechnical Analysis Software
42 Talren Geotechnical Analysis Software
43 Stack Stack Design Analysis
44 PDMS 12 3D Proses Plant Design Software
45 CAESAR 3D Graphical Supported Piping Calculation
46 GasWorks Natural Gas Piping and Network Calculation
47 STA4 CAD 3D Reinforced Concrete Design & Calculation
48 CadWorks/Pipe 3D Graphical Supported Piping Design
49 Adobe Acrobat PDF (Portable Document File)
50 Symantec Norton Utilities IT Utilities Software
51 Nod32 Anti-Threat System IT Utilities Software (Anti-Virus)
52 Orf IT Utilities Software (Anti-Spam)
53 Abbyy Fine Reader OCR Optical Character Recognition Software
54 Xara 3D 3D Graphic
55 SmartDraw Professional Professional Charting Software
56 PSS Sincal Electrical Engineering Calculation Software
57 Calculux Electrical Engineering Calculation Software (Lighting)
58 Carrier Heating & Ventilation Calculation Sotware
59 Q-HVAC Ventilation Calculation Sotware
60 Prisma Cost-Production Analysis and Follow-up Software(Narrow-ranging SAP)
61 Desis Consulting & Site Supervision Management Software (Developed in Prokon)
62 Dwg-List Drawing Listing & Follow-up Software (Developed in Prokon)
63 Yönetim Drawing Listing & Follow-up Software (Developed in Prokon)
64 Prokiriş Reinforced Concrete Beam Design Software (Developed in Prokon)
65 Met-21 Steel Structure Material Listing Software (Developed in Prokon)
66 Pro-A Infrastructure Kübaj Calculation (Developed in Prokon)
67 BORAC Mechanical Design Utility Sotware (Developed in Prokon)
68 Konveyör Conveyor Design & Calculation Software (Developed in Prokon)
69 Adobe PhotoShop CS2 Digital Image Edititing & Illustration
70 Macromedia Flash Animated image file (flash) production
71 Macromedia Dreamweaver Web Page Developing Software
72 Macromedia Fireworks Image editing software
73 Macromedia FreeHand Illustration software
74 Logo - Tiger Accounting
75 Logo - Bordro                                                       Human Resources
* These informations are values of 2016 year