Quality Assurance

PROKON has an effective quality management system focused on systematically developing and delivering a customer focused mission by understanding and responding to customer needs and expectations, by empowering employees to continuously improve, by increasing employee satisfaction with their work processes and work environment, and by gathering and analyzing key performance indicators to improve organizational and process results.


Our uncompromising ethical standards provide the foundation for our projects. We continue to build upon our successes by sharing practices within the PROKON-EKON group of companies; thus allowing for better and faster customer solutions.


All executives and employees of PROKON strive hard to achieve the very best quality in all company activities and work together to create an open company culture that moves beyond boundaries, reduces bureaucracy, encourages ideas, and naturally supports improvement.


PROKON is ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 & BS OHSAS 18001:2007 certified..


We believe that preparation and planning is the key to successful Quality Control Management. Our goal is to make sure our clients gets what they have ordered and this begins with gathering detailed information about project requirements and determining the course to be followed.


From project management personnel to workers, PROKON primarily arranges requisite manpower from within its organization, and supplements this with additional personnel if so required to fast-track a deadline.


At PROKON, we also regularly monitor the performance of our sub-contractors, and, if necessary, provide relevant support and assistance to ensure that quality standards are met and maintained at all times.