AIRBUS A 380 Hangars Structural Steel Works


Services Engineering Services
Consultancy Services
Design Type Basic Design, Detail Design
Contract Date 01.09.2003
Completion Date 30.07.2004
Information About the Project

The Engineering Services of Airbus A 380 Hangar Project were provided by PROKON under the scope of the contract between TAV and Emirates Airlines. The project covers Basic and Detail Design of the steel roof for the Maintenance Hangars of the World’s Largest Passenger Aircraft A 380, designed by Airbus. Project covers the design and erection engineering of 7 Maintenance Hangars (108m x 100m x 30m).


The points makes the project different from other ordinary designs are;

  • Being composed of 7000 bar elements and 800 different load combinations,
  • Mounting difficulties due to the extreme temperature differences in manufacture and erection sites,
  • The use of HISTAR steel with very high strength.
  • Thousands of loads, each calculated according to the 800 different load combinations,
  • All nodes being "Slip Critical - Friction Grip", Detailed Erection Engineering Service which may be the first in Turkey,
  • Preparation of special video showing the practicability of erection works,
  • Giving a reverse deflection to a truss having 108m opening (Mega Truss) and Preparation of the Shop Drawings accordingly, Preparation of Specific Engineering Calculations for the truss having four-story building height starting from pre-erection works to the Final Erection Stage,
  • Extraordinary and specific solution of lifting and placement problems of an arch having 108 m opening (Facade Arch) which was complicated as a bridge itself,
  • Considering the scenario of the cracking of the concrete over time which lies under the hangars,
  • Transportation problems and occurring of difficult "brand" geometries due to the geometry of the structure.

Each Hangars, weighing approximately 1800 tons, (including the Erection Engineering) were performed by the COMOSYS software that was developed by PROYA Yazılım ve Ticaret A.Ş., a member of PROKON-EKON Group of Companies.