Eastern Province Cement - 3500 Ton/Day Capacity New Clinker Production Line


Services Multi - Discipline Engineering Services (Architectural, Structural, Electrical, Mechanical, Infrastructural Engineering Services)
Design Type Detail Design
Contract Date 14.12.2003
Completion Date 31.12.2005
Cooperated Firms POLYSIUS
Information About the Project

The Eastern Province Cement Company (EPCC) Cement Factory, which was set up near Damman region in Saudi Arabia, has decided to construct a new third line in addition to the existing second line. The new facility has been designed as having 3500 ton/day clinker capacity. The detail engineering services for the following structures have been provided by PROKON under the scope of this project:

  • Raw Material Mill foundation and building: A reinforced concrete building having approximately 30 m height with concrete plate over steel floors including steel platforms and various gas canal supports.
  • Raw Material transportation systems: Steel structures supporting air slide bands.
  • Preheater Tower: A reinforced concrete structure having 110 m height, 8 floors and containing various steel platforms and steel chimneys and gas canal supports. Preheater tower also includes a stairway with 120 m height and elevator tower.
  • Homogenization Silo: A reinforced concrete building with 85 m height and 16 m diameter. The silo has also a reinforced concrete roof over steel structure and various steel platforms and raw material transport system supports.
  • Rotary Kiln foundation: There are 3 separate foundations having approximately 12 m height. The foundations are connected to each other with steel walkways. Reverse air line footings were also supported on those foundations.