Konya Sugar Plant Çumra Facilities (17.000 Tons/Day Capacity)


Services Multi - Discipline Engineering Services (Architectural, Structural, Electrical, Mechanical, Infrastructural Engineering Services)
Design Type Detail Design
Contract Date 20.05.2003
Completion Date 30.11.2004
Information About the Project

PROKON has provided Architectural, Reinforced Concrete, Structural Steel, Mechanical (Sanitary Installation, Heating, Ventilation, Cooling), Electrical (Illumination, Earthing, Lightning Protection, Fire Alarm, Low Current) Engineering and Design Services for Konya Sugar Plant Çumra Facilities in the factory area of 2.600.000 m2.

The main features of Konya Sugar Plant Çumra Facilities are;

  • The Biggest Sugar Factory of Turkey
  • Sugar Beet Processing Capacity of 17.000 tons per day
  • The first plant in Turkey to produce liquid sugar from sugar beets
  • The only sugar mill in the world which can obtain its raw material within 20 km radius of it

The following structures and units were designed by PROKON:

  • Main Production Building (12663 m2)
  • Electrical Control Building (2966 m2)
  • Office Buildings (2358 m2)
  • Cafeteria and Locker Rooms (1585 m2)
  • Mechanical Workshop (732 m2)
  • Lime Station (644 m2)
  • Main Entrance and Weighbridge (134 m2)
  • Vehicle Standby Area Control Building (30 m2)
  • Central Pump, Panel Transformer Building (400 m2)
  • Turbine Panel, Transformer, Generator Building (200 m2)
  • Pulp Press Panel, Transformer Building (155 m2)
  • Clay Pit Pump, Transformer Building (103 m2)
  • Beet Cleaning Panel Transformer Building (95 m2)
  • Beet Loading Panel Transformer Building (85 m2)
  • Beet Cleaning (900 m2)
  • Liquid Sugar Building (2300 m2)
  • Liquid Sugar Truck Loading Building (365 m2)
  • Liquid Sugar Transport Building (210 m2)
  • Liquid Sugar Panel Transformer Building (83 m2)
  • Pipe Bridges (940 m)
  • Equipment and Tank Foundations
  • Bruckner Pool (60 m diameter)
  • Cooling Tower Foundation
  • Infrastructure Rain Drainage System
  • Sewer System
  • Roads
  • Clay Pits
  • Pulp Stock Area