KANGAL 2×150 MW Thermal Power Plant

KANGAL 2×150 MW Thermal Power Plant

Project Description


Services Construction Supervision Services
Multi – Discipline Engineering Services (Architectural, Structural, Electrical, Mechanical, Infrastructural Engineering Services)
Consulting and Site Supervision
Design Type Basic Design, Detail Design
Contract Date 11.09.1984
Completion Date 11.09.1988
Information About the Project

Engineering and design services including multi-discipline engineering, architectural services and site technical support were within the scope of the project. Also the detailed services are listed below:
· Plant Lay-out
· Topographical survey & set out of grid lines
· Geotechnical survey & report
· Site preparation
· Architectural and engineering design services including structural, mechanical, piping, electrical and I&C
· Technical support during implementation of the work
· Overall design work schedule monitoring
· Coordination between units and engineering disciplines

The following units and structures were within the scope of the project.

· Boiler House
· Turbine House
· Bunkers
· Electrical Control Building
· Water Treatment Plant
· Cooling Towers
· Auxiliary Boiler House
· Raw Water Tanks
· Coal Handling System including Crushing Plant, Screening Plant, Coal Yard, etc.
· Ash Handling System including Ash Bunkers, Conveyor Lines, Ash Deposits Area, Ash Dam, etc.
· Cooling Water Pipelines
· Compressed and Instrument Air Pipelines
· Auxiliary Steam Lines
· Fuel Lines
· Heating Lines
· 5000 m3 Fuel-Oil Tank
· Fire Fighting Pump House and Lines
· Raw Water Supply
· Technological Wastewater Removal System (Pumps, Pipelines, etc.)
· Chimneys
· Electro filters
· Wastewater Treatment Plant
· Water Intake Structure
· Workshop and Warehouse
· Administration Building
· Cafeteria
· Roads
· Rainwater Drainage
· Sewage
· Cable Galleries
· Piping Channel & Galleries
· Waste Water Removal and Ashy Water Storing dam
· Rehabilitation of electro filter & ash transportation lines