PROKON – EKON GROUP New Headquarter Building

PROKON – EKON GROUP New Headquarter Building

Project Description
Services Multi – Discipline Engineering Services (Architectural, Structural, Electrical, Mechanical, Infrastructural Engineering Services)

Construction Supervision Services

Design Type Temel Tasarım, Detay Tasarım
Contract Date 01.06.2012
Completion Date 12.04.2014
Information About the Project PROKON – EKON Group of Companies has decided to gather all the companies under a single roof. Therefore, it is decided to design and build a headquarter building as a green building which is LEED PLATINUM CERTIFIED (2nd highest score in Turkey and ranked 31st in the top 100 LEED certified buildings in the World.)

The details of the headquarter building are as follows:

  • 16.750 m2 Construction Area (700 tons of Steel)
  • 8.000 m2 Closed Area (Excluding the Car Parks)
  • 700 tons of Steel
  • Conference Hall with 120 Persons Capacity
  • Working area for 270 persons
  • Car Park for 140 Vehicles
  • Cafeteria
  • 90 m2 Fitness Area

Headquarter is designed with a modern architectural concept featuring the transparency. The steel elements are left open in order to be identified at interior and the façade of the building is selected as glass façade system in order for steel elements to be spotted from outside.

The structural design of the building pushes the boundaries with console block having 22 m width and reaching a length of 16 m, the composite floors having just 10 cm thickness, and stairs having 6 m console length and manufactured with only plates.

The following design approaches were applied for LEED Platinum Certificate Candidacy:

  • Design of the building shell having increased performance to reduce energy expenses
  • Trigeneration, Solar collectors, Solar wall, Thermal Storage, Building Automation System, %30 more air quality, Gray water system, Sun Light Control, Illumination Automation.

Also all of the design and engineering stages were performed by the “COMOSYS” Software that was developed by PROYA Software and Trade Inc., a member of PROKON- EKON Group of Companies.

PROKON provided the following services under the scope of this project;

Design and Engineering Services:

  • Architectural Design,
  • Structural Design,
  • Mechanical Design (HVAC, Fire System, Plumbing, Piping etc.) Conforming to LEED Certification Criteria,
  • Electrical Design (Power, Lighting, Grounding, Telephone, Data Lines, Fire Alarm System, Automation etc.) Conforming to LEED Certification Criteria.
  • Energy Simulation

Construction Supervision Services