EGO General Directorate Building

EGO General Directorate Building

Project Description
Services Construction Supervision Services
Consultancy Services
Contract Date 07.07.2003
Completion Date 01.03.2007
Information About the Project The service area of EGO (The Administration responsible from transportation and natural gas, under Ankara Municipality) has increased incrementally along with increasing population of Ankara.

Due to serving in different parts of the city with very old buildings, EGO’s work progress was slowed and became inefficient. This case brought the necessity of a General Directorate Building including all units of EGO and some units of the Municipality. The Old Bus Terminal with very old buildings was picked as the place of this building. First phase was to demolish those buildings. During demolition of buildings, the design of 25-storey building was completed.

This building is a Smart Building composed of high technology applications, Building Automation Systems (BAS), Energy Management Systems (EMS), Central Control and Management Systems (CCMS), Communication Systems (Video, Sound and Data), Security Systems, Optimum Energy Management, Building Automation, SCADA and the required Network Systems, Applications, Control, Communication Systems.

The construction works took 3 years and the contract ended at February 2006. However due to some unfinished construction works, EGO, the contractor and we signed another contract in March 2006 and the final touches were finished at August 2006.

The total area of the project was 93.000 m2.

PROKON provided the following services under the scope of this project;

Design and Engineering Services

  • Control of the Drawings according to Technical Specifications

Preparation of the Tender Files

  • Preparation of the Tender Files and Technical Support to the Client in Preparation of the BOQ.

Construction Supervision Services

  • Construction Supervision (Planning, Activity Monitoring, Cost Control, Quality Control, Design Control and Preparation of Furniture Plan, Coordination, Reporting)
  • Supervision of Demolition Works
  • Supervision of Mechanical Works
  • Supervision of Electrical Works
  • Supervision of Infrastructural Works