Antalya 1st Stage Light Rail System Project

Antalya 1st Stage Light Rail System Project

Project Description
Services Consultancy Services
Construction Supervision Services
Contract Date 26.12.2006
Completion Date 31.05.2011
Cooperated Firms Optim Obermeyer Teknik Bilgi İşlem Merkezi A.Ş.
Information About the Project Light Rail System, lying on Fatih-Bus Station-Square line, has a main line length of 11,5 km. The Project covers the supervision services of construction and electromechanical works.

PROKON has provided consultancy services for the following works;

  • 9,32 Km. Level Crossing Line,
  • 1,63 Km. Cut-Fill Line,
  • 0,15 Km. Underground Station Structure (Bus Station – Çallı Stations),
  • 0,41 Km. Underground Station Underpass Connection,
  • 0,45 Km. Road Underpass,
  • 0,44 Km. Road Approach Tunnel
  • Infrastructure Transposition Works
  • 14 Level Crossing Stations,
  • Warehouse and Storage Field,
  • Storage Field and Support Buildings,
  • Transformer Buildings,
  • Power Supply and Electrification System,
  • Signaling System,
  • Communication and Control System,
  • Supply and Installation of Maintenance Equipment,
  • Operation and Maintenance Support and Control,
  • Vehicle Supply (14 units) and Commissioning,
  • Electromechanical Works Spare Parts (2 Years),
  • Vehicle Spare Parts (2 Years),
  • Vehicle Special Equipment

PROKON has provided project management and construction supervision within the scope of consultancy services covering the following phases and services;

1st Stage: Pre-Construction Consultancy Services

  • Inspection of the Designs
  • Inspection of the Construction Works Tender Documents
  • Technical Support to the Client during the Tender Evaluation Stage

2nd Stage: Construction Stage Consultancy Services

Design Review Services

  • Project Coordination, Review and Approval
  • Architecture and Landscape,
  • R.C. Support System,
  • Mechanical Works (Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning, Plumbing & Firefighting)
  • Electrical Works (Power, Lighting, Grounding)

Review of Tender Documents

     Helping the Client during Tender Evaluation Stage

Construction Supervision Services

  • Contract Management
  • Quality Control / Quality Assurance
  • Cost Control, Change Management Instructions
  • Planning and Program Control
  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • Preparation of Presentations