Reconstruction of Atatürk Dormitory Campus And 40 Schools Project (CB1.5/A)

Reconstruction of Atatürk Dormitory Campus And 40 Schools Project (CB1.5/A)

Project Description
Services Multi – Discipline Engineering Services (Architectural, Structural, Electrical, Mechanical, Infrastructural Engineering Services)
Consultancy Services
Construction Supervision Services
Design Type Basic Design, Detail Design
Contract Date 20.01.2010
Completion Date 27.05.2014
Information About the Project In response to this risk, the Government of Turkey (GOT), with the assistance of the International Bank of Reconstruction and Development (IBRD), has identified a project called İstanbul Seismic Risk Mitigation and Emergency Preparedness Project (ISMEP) which is financed by a World Bank Loan (4784 TU). The project is implemented by Istanbul Project Coordination Unit which is established under the Istanbul Special Provincial Administration (ISPA).

The specific objective of the project is to improve the preparedness of İstanbul for a potential earthquake through enhancing the Institutional and Technical Capacity for Disaster Management and Emergency Response, Strengthening Critical Public Facilities for Earthquake Resistance, and Supporting Measures for better enforcement of building codes and land use plans.

The Consultancy Services within the frame of this project includes;

  • Design and Tender Documents Preparation of 44 School Buildings (315.059m2), Atatürk Dormitory Campus (109.990m2), Disaster Logistic Center (12.979m2), 2 District Governorship Buildings (25.824m2)
  • Consultancy and Construction Supervision of 45 School Buildings (322.420m2), Atatürk Dormitory Campus (109.990m2), Additional Service Building of Süleymaniye Maternity and Gynecology Training and Research Hospital (8.158m2), 1 Nursery House (4.546m2), 1 Social Center (1.700m2) and 1 District Governorship Building (9.817m2) during the Construction Stage and Defects and Liability Period.

Atatürk Dormitory Campus consists of 5 Dormitory Buildings having 21.189 m2 closed area (B+G+7 Floors), a Library Building having 1.091 m2 closed area (B+1 Floor), Heating Center and Laundry having a 2.569 m2 closed area (B+G Floor), Entrance Building having a 242 m2 area (G Floor) and a Transformer Building having 143 m2 closed area (G Floor).

PROKON provided the following services under the scope of this Project:

  • Design and Engineering Services
  • Preparation of Tender Documents related with the Construction Contract in accordance with International Financial Institutions such as the World Bank (IBRD), Islamic Development Bank (IDB), European Investment Bank (EIB), Council of Europe Development Bank (CEB) etc. Guidelines and Standard Bidding documents.
  • Construction Supervision Services